A controversial landing in Lac-Simon

The municipality of Lac-Simon will hold a briefing tomorrow morning at 10am at the Town Hall on a proposal to build a permanent dock at the island's white duck is generating significant controversy.

An entrepreneur who owns land on the island, some of which have already been constructed, the proposed construction of a permanent dock for utilities to be able to carry such materials more easily.

Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association (SPLA) and a committee of owners of the island of white duck join forces to strongly oppose this project.

The opponents ask that applied Article 5 (unauthorized landing) 417-2009-law, stipulating that all land uses for motorized boat descent are prohibited, a moratorium on the development of White Duck Island is adopted by the municipality, the developer is required to conduct a study of the environmental impact of its project. They also ask that in the medium term the municipality shall adopt a development plan specific to the island of white duck

Citizens opposed to the project believe that the municipality may not consider the planning application for a permanent pier in the context of an overall development plan and that, given that the ecosystem of an island is much more fragile, a concentration of facilities should be considered with great caution.

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