To become a member of the Lac Simon Property-owners' Association, you can pay your subscription online or by cheque / money order. Your annual membership subscription allows us to better represent your interests on all matters directly or indirectly affecting our lakes' water quality, especially as concerns the protection of the lakes' ecosystems against uncontrolled, unsustainable development.

If you have any questions about payment or regarding any other information related to the subscription, please contact us .

Payment by mail

If you want your pay your membership by cheque / money order, you must use this form and send it to us by Canada Post. It is suggested that you complete the form on the screen (for readability) before printing it . Your cheque / money order must accompany your registration to be valid. Your subscription date will be the date that your payment is processed.

Online Payment

You can pay online via PayPal Canada. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use it for payment, but you can subscribe to their service if you wish. PayPal accepts all credit cards issued by major Canadian banks.

Your membership is valid from the date of payment and it will be automatically renewed on the anniversary date. So you won't have to worry about renewing your membership to receive its benefits without interruption. You may terminate this automatic renewal at any time through our home page for registered members only.

If you wish to make a one-time payment using our PayPal link, they have to set up a temporary profile which will be cancelled after the one-time payment. You will receive an email confirming your registration for an automatic payment and subsequently another email confirming the cancellation of your automatic payment registration.

A registration guide is available to help you with the on-line membership process.

Please choose the right payment option for your situation from the choices below:

Owner - 25 $ per year

A property-owner is an individual who is enrolled in the property tax registry of the municipality as the owner or joint-owner of a lot or residence on Lac Simon in Duhamel and on Lac Barrière or Lac Simon in Lac-Simon. Each joint owner may register individually if they so desire. An owner or part owner can register only once, regardless of the number of properties they own.

Recurring Payment
Single Payment
Associate - 20 $ per year

An associate can also be an individual who is not an owner or part owner, but who lives in Duhamel or Lac-Simon as a tenant or a member of the family of an owner or resident or a visitor. Each associate can register individually if necessary. An associate may register only once, regardless of the number of residences which they occupy or visit.

Recurring Payment
Single Payment
Friend of Lac Simon - $ variable

A friend of Lac Simon is an individual who is neither an owner or joint owner nor an associate, as stipulated in the above definitions, but who wishes to support the Lake Association through a donation. Your registration is not necessary, but you can register if you wish.

It is also possible for the owner or joint owner or associate to make a donation in addition to his annual fee, if so desired. There is no annual limit to the number of gifts that can be made.

Thank you for your generous contribution!

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