Our Mission

The primary mission of the Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association is to unify the property-owners of Lacs Simon and Barrière and the adjacent region in order to promote and defend their interests at the appropriate levels of public governance, especially as concerns the protection of the environment in order to provide an better quality of life for all.

A historical summary

Ever since there have been seasonal residents on Lac Simon, there have been sporadic attempts to organize citizen groups, usually in response to specific problems or issues such as road construction, zoning regulations or changes and other Municipal regulations affecting our quality of life and that of our lake.

It wasn’t until 1995 that the LSPA took the necessary steps to become incorporated under part III of the Companies Act. The provisional administrators were Jean Duclos, Hubert Payne, Michel Decarie, Jacques Samson, Paul Benoit and Ivars Sayfy.

In 1990, a number of property-owners became involved in the attempt to preserve, in its natural state, of the undeveloped beach adjoining the camping grounds and administered by the SEPAQ. There were numerous actions and activities undertaken and different means were used to protect the site: petitions were circulated, information dissemination meetings with elected officials at different levels of government were undertaken and finally, legal proceedings were successful in obtaining an injunction on development as the site was considered a deer habitat and landlocked salmon sanctuary. Actually, the LSPA is still working to have the entire area involved included in an Nature Interpretation Centre. Because of this issue, the people involved became aware of the need to put in place a permanent structure to assure the continuity of action and the necessary vigil to insure that our lake’s health is protected and any development is harmonious with the protection of its environment.

The first annual meeting was in July of 2001 and since then, it has continued annually.

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