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Welcome to the Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association Web site.

The Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association represents those citizens in our region committed to protecting the environment, water quality and our quality of life. Even before receiving official recognition as an organisation under the Financial Institutions Bureau in 2001, many dossiers related to environmental and local political issues were undertaken. One success was the injunction to designate, as a protected wildlife zone, part of SEPAQ’s undeveloped beach at the north end of Lac Simon. Our interventions have contributed to the adoption of regulations by regional Municipalities aimed at the protection of the water quality and our quality of life.

The health of our lakes’ eco-systems, the quality of their waters, as well as waste management are currently major concerns for all Quebecers. In 2006, Lac Barrière had an outbreak of blue–green algae in Baie de l’Ours. In 2008 conditions favourable to the propagation of this bacteria were found in Lac Simon (Baie Groulx and Baie Yelle). As a preventative measure, an advisory against swimming and other water usage was circulated during these outbreaks. Unexpectedly, we had become vulnerable. Each person, as a responsible citizen, must take steps to maintain the quality of the water in our lakes. According to recent studies, all human activities within a watershed actually have an impact on our lakes and rivers--be it in the streams, runoffs or the water table. Thus all activities in our surrounding region have a direct impact on our water quality. It is not solely the responsibility of the lakeside cottager to protect this precious resource. Everyone of us, whether we are a resident, cottager, merchant, entrepreneur or elected municipal counsellor, must take into consideration all matters affecting our environment.

Information contained in our previous communications such as the Canard blanc will hopefully make you aware of actions that we, as individuals, can implement: insuring the conformity of our sanitary installations, reducing our usage of products containing phosphates and nitrogen, replanting native plants and shrubbery that will prevent erosion of the shoreline, reducing the negative impact of retaining walls by planting vines and other shade vegetation to cover them, etc.

The time for discussion is past, now is the time for action. Whether we are property-owners, cottagers, businessmen, or entrepreneurs, each individual’s actions have consequences for all of us. As for the elected officials, the present laws and regulations allow them a wide range of enforcement options to ensure environmental protection. They have the responsibility to pass appropriate regulations and to assure that they are enforced to protect our environment. In this way, they can send a clear message to all citizens.

The continued survival of our lakes and rivers is essential to the overall economic well-being of our region which is fundamentally based on cottaging and recreational tourist activities.

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