Information Session – Development of Island White Duck

Subject: Development of Duck Island White

In November 2009, an application for permanent landing at White Duck Island for the use of a boat classified commercial was filed with the municipality of Lac-Simon.

In March 2010, given the strong opposition to the proposed residents of the Isle of White Duck and the SPLA (Property Owners Association Lake Simon), the council decided to hold a briefing on the subject June 19 2010-10 h 00. You have received a communication from the municipality on this subject which is attached a letter from Mr. Filion will exhibit their project.

The APLS and representatives of the owners on the Island have jointly decided to mobilize to assert their views with the authorities concerned. Given that the construction of a jetty to facilitate the proposed development on the Isle of White Duck, we have expanded our activities in all development activities conducted to date by Mr. Filion on this island.

As a first step we urge you to sign the petition expressing your agreement with the position that we support. The petition will be available at the briefing on 19 June at 10:00 hours at the Council Chambers at 849 Chemin Tour du Lac and at the annual meeting of the SPLA, June 27, at 9 h 30 Recreation Center at St. Felix de Valois, 73 rue Hotel de Ville, 2nd Floor Chénéville (rear of church)

1. That the municipality of Lac-Simon
Conducts a moratorium of any kind as to the development of White Island Duck. Conducts the adoption of a Planned Unit Development (PPU) for the White Duck Island, this after consultation with an Environmental Advisory Committee consisting of the island due to its biodiversity characterization and evaluation the quality of its shoreline to its entire territory;

2. That Papineau:
Provide for the characterization of the biodiversity of the Island White Duck and evaluation of the quality of its shoreline to its entire territory;

3. The Department of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Regions Land Occupancy:

Adopt the regulations listed in the petition.

Finally, your presence at the briefing was essential to demonstrate to the council and the sponsor your strong opposition to the establishment of a landing on the island and work performed to date.

June 19 At 10AM

Thank you for paying attention to the future of the island of Duck White.

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