Minutes of June 29, 2008


Minutes of the meeting of June 29, 2008

Opening: 10:40
Attendance: 91 plus Executive
Exécutif : Lyse Leduc, Lise Villeneuve, Pierre Germain, Jacqueline Mazet, Ivars Sayfy, Richard Sabourin. Executive: Lyse Leduc, Lise Villeneuve, Pierre Germain, Jacqueline Mazet, Ivars Sayfy Richard Sabourin.

Absent : Claude Ricard Absent Claude Ricard

Introduction to the meeting:

Lyse Leduc said the death of Julien Couture and the creation of the scholarship Julien Couture, point to discuss further.

1. Adoption of the agenda
Varia : Miscellaneous:
a. Item 9: Development of a rest area near the Bay at Julien Couture.
b. Speed of cars and bike path on West Lake Tour.�
Adopted agenda proposed by Francine Perreault and seconded by Celine Payment.

2. Approval of minutes of the meeting of July 2007
Submitted by Francine Perreault.

3. Progress Report of the Chair

Last year's referendum campaign against the merger Chénéville Lac Simon: thanks to members who have been working in the country and emphasizes that there is a climate of cooperation with municipalities.

Introducing the members of the executive and marked departure of Peter and Jacqueline Germain Mazet. Thanks to both of them and Ivars Sayfy.

Attendance at meetings of municipal councils and CREDO. Support for several citizens committees for contentious issues affecting the environment.

Representatives from municipal officials for the adoption of laws protecting the environment. This year unicipalities have adopted several regulations that effect

4. Financial Report

State expenditures and revenues at 1-04-2007 31-03-2008.

Cash in 2007: $ 10,282, 97.

266 members: $ 6400.

Repayment of the municipality of Lac Simon for the referendum campaign: $ 1 493.93

Total, $ 7,893

Expenditure: $ 6 363.11
Revenues minus expenses: $ 1,530.24
31-03-2008 at bank balance: $ 12,313

Steady increase in the number of members since 2001:�
2001: 68 members
2006-07: 85 new members, 234 total
2007-08: 32 New members, 266 in all
212 members of Lac Simon: 28% (2006-07: 22%)
54 members of Duhamel: 28% (2006-07: 33%)

Send to all owners of Barriere Lake this spring 2008:

43 contributions received.

The inclusion of Barrier Lake to the SPLA will be a proposal at the meeting it.

5. Update on ongoing issues

Watershed committee, Claude Ricard

Brochure on integrated management of water produced in the watershed of the Little Nation.

There are currently, 33 watersheds subsidized by the government.

Pressure of all people in the community (homeowner associations, municipalities) to the MRC to establish a committee of watershed. Also, steps from the watershed Devil. By June, there was a first encounter with the MRC and all stakeholders. Pending.

3. Network volunteer monitoring of lakes, Richard Sabourin and Ivars Sayfy:

Two sites on the lake: Golden Bay and West Island Duck White, the deepest parts

Five samples to make precise dates.

Results at the end of the year.

Costs shared by both municipalities and the SPLA: $ 800.

Program 5 years.

Location Bay Groulx, Richard Sabourin:

Until now, no results, the regulations to prevent the anchoring of vessels

Depends on the Federal Ministry of Transport.

To move forward, a proposal was moved and adopted:

"It is proposed that the executive undertake research to find an expert to make a case on the Bay problem Groulx and a monitoring committee to monitor them and the required representations of different instances . bodies. » "

Moved by Maurice and seconded by Francine Groulx Pereault.

Those interested should form a committee to register on a leaf.

Manager: Richard Sabourin.

Status of White Island Duck, Ivars Sayfy:

Ivars Sayfy gives an account instead of Geraldine Hutton handles the case.

Nothing new: the development of lots of 10,000 square feet continues. The municipality must pass a regulation on the setback from the banks. All other land on the island are given to the municipality to develop trails and to protect the remaining lands.

Heavy equipment was removed this fall and no permit for the barge. We must continue to put pressure on the municipality, there is no vested right to the environment and it must force the municipality to which it implements the standard to 40,000 square feet for each lot to build.

Question: Tours of trails, no development plan for now, biologists are studying the paths and the SPLA has not yet ruled on this issue.


6. Representatives of municipalities

David Pharand, advisor Duhamel, elected last month.

Water: associations involved in monitoring the lakes and the municipality shall contribute with the associations.

Banks: The Municipality of Duhamel has declined to 20 meters line of construction in relation to the bank.

Hiring a technician to enforce the rules.

Septic tanks and garbage: Support for the emptying of septic tanks by the municipality.

The landfill will be closed this year, costs associated with transporting garbage, it works to reduce garbage.

Consolidation of city services.

Watershed: The implementation of a watershed will take time.

The municipality is working to make regulations for the subdivisions in the second line in order to minimize the impact on the lake. The associations have an important role to play here.

Roads: Planning work for two years, 3 km from re-paving the way around the lake, 4 km on the 321 and 4 Preston Road Culvert.

Beach: The beach camping and beach "Wild" will be paid for and administered by SEPAQ who owns it. The public beach is free Duhamel (300 meters)

Question: The tenants of the location of boat rentals, lease term and do the work that they may cause damage to the environment? Monitoring by the board to do.

7. Barriere Lake Committee

Ivars Sayfy expressed that currently there is no committee of Barrier Lake to the executive, which is absolutely necessary. Call for assistance for representatives: Francine Brault is suggested.


Reading of the proposal made by Lyse Leduc and seconded by Paul Malouf to include owners of Barriere Lake in the SPLA:

"Whereas Simon Lake and Barrier Lake are part of the same body of water, Whereas the conservation and protection of water quality apply to the entire body of water, It is proposed that the SPLA included in its membership, owners and
Barrier Lake vacationers, it is proposed that the SPLA name refers to both the owners and Simon Lake and vacationers of Barriere Lake. » "

Motion carried unanimously.

8. Creating a grant for environmental projects

The proposal to establish a scholarship in honor of Julian Couture is made, read and adopted unanimously:

"Whereas an objective of the SPLA is the conservation and protection of the environment, whereas the school board of Heart of the Valleys is willing to cooperate in this project, it is proposed to establish an annual scholarship in the amount maximum of $ 500 awarded for a project on the conservation and protection of the environment of the valley of the small nation, it is proposed to name this award: Julien Couture purse. » "

9. Development of the rest area

France Perreault expressed that there is a proposal to build a rest area with picnic tables, non-motorized boat ramp in the bay near the chapel. Great fear it's just the same as the Bay Groulx.

Representation to the council to request development plans, emphasize the potential danger of environmental pollution, to express public opposition and lobby to regulate access to the lake.

10. Presentation of Ms. Dubois, Inspector in septic

Madame Dubois present, it is based since late April and is working with two municipalities, and Simon Lake Duhamel. Its mandate is to see the re-naturalization of the shoreline, to inspect the septic system and create a systematic emptying of septic tanks for municipalities.


It will first deal with deficient sanitation, about half of existing facilities.

It begins with Lake and Barriere Bear Bay's west side.

It was calculated to be 330 cases per year.

It proceeds by mail or email for appointments, awareness and request access to the septic system.

The municipality has the right to do the necessary work expense of the owner in case of refusal on his part and the amount of work is then added au compte de taxes. the tax bill.

11. 11. Période de questions Question Period

Question about the causes of cyanobacteria in the bay of Ours�
Reply: Fondex gave a report on the sectors that contribute to the proliferation of cyanobacteria. The results of the study are on the site web de la municipalité. Website of the Municipality.

City Council fails to act:
Answer: The SPLA can exert pressure on elected officials, but the democratic power of citizens can be exercised in elections

12. Formation of Executive Committee

Daniel Perrier and Simon Blackburn for Duhamel.

Francoise Brault forthe Barriere Lake.

Andre Saint-Martin Simon Lake.

13. Miscellany

Speed of cars and mountain bike on the path of the Tour du Lac, near the hostel and Escape on the same path from the bridge to Duhamel, speeding. Ask municipalities to reduce speed limit and enforce regulations.

14. Closure of the meeting

The meeting ended at 13h 05.

Jacqueline Mazet, Secretary for the SPLA.

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