Revitalization of the banks – Award Julien Couture

Lac-Simon, Monday, June 21, 2009 - On Friday, June 19, twenty students at Adrian William, Chénéville, accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Christiane Fortin, and parent volunteers went home three owners Simon and bordering the lake barrier to help to plant grasses and shrubs on their land.

The project "In green and with all" is a collaboration between the Association of Owners of Simon Lake (SPLA), the municipality of Lac-Simon, the school board-Heart of Valleys and the Foundation Day land, supported by the Caisses populaires Desjardins.

The Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association chose to join the project and to this end devote the credits of the award-Julien Couture, which is consistent with the goals and mission of the SPLA in the protection and conservation of the environment.

The award-Julien Couture was founded by the SPLA in memory of one of its most active members who served many years on the Executive Committee and was a staunch defender of the environment. It aims to promote awareness projects to preserve the water quality in the watershed and lakes Simon Gate and Petite-Nation, including reforestation and the revitalization of the waterfront. Thus a sign to display on the land is given to owners who agreed to participate. The grounds, landscaped with the advice of Ms. Corinne Dubois, ecology consultant for municipalities of Lac-Simon and Duhamel, may serve as examples for those who would do the same.

This green day was an opportunity for sharing and fun for all participants, whether students, teachers, owners or representatives of public bodies concerned.


Lise Villeneuve, president of the Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association

Lyse Leduc, Vice-President (Communications)

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