Revitalization of the shoreline

During this last year we have informed you of a project to protect our lakes’ waters. Among the numerous measures that contribute to the protection of a lake, the restoration of the shoreline with appropriate vegetation is high on the list. What should be planted? Where? How? Those are the important questions that must be answered. To be efficient, the choice of plants must be appropriate to the terrain, slope, etc.

The May 22nd seminar given by M. Carl Poirier cleared up many of the previously stated questions. Those who could not attend the seminar but are interested in participating in the restoration project, can consult the LSPA Web site:  There, you will find information to assist in the choice of appropriate plants for your property.

M. Poirier from the HLF farm will order the plants and is offering a 15% discount or more depending on volume. To order the plants within this project and to get the discount, you must go to their site , click on the English if you wish and then on contact us to send an email to HLF expressing your interest in participating in the project  and mentioning that you are a member of the Lac Simon Property-owners’ Association. M. Poirier will then send you an order form by email attachment and you can complete it and return it to him by email.

Note that the email address of the Web site is now functional. You can also arrange for him to give/send you a paper copy of the order form.

The delivery of the plants will be done for the entire group order on: Sunday, June 27th at noon, after the Annual General Meeting of the Association but at the Lac-Simon Town Hall parking lot at 849 chemin Tour du Lac.

As well, a 50% rebate, up to a 250$ maximum will be provided by the Municipality on the purchase of plants purchased for the purpose of shoreline restoration. As the Municipal budget appears to be limited, the rebates they grant could be on a first come, first served basis.

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