Docks and Shoreline

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At its regular meeting of August 5, 2011, the Council of the Municipality  of Duhamel approved, by a majority vote, the by-law that imposes new standards on docks, the shoreline and kennels. The final text is practically identical to the resolution available here.

With regard to the shoreline, the municipality incorporates the MRC guidelines into its zoning by-law, while maintaining that, in Duhamel, the protected ban along the shoreline is 15 meters, regardless of the slope. Therefore, any clearing, fertilizer application and mowing of grass is prohibited in this band of 15 meters. At the annual meeting of the APLG on July 2, members of the association reiterated their support for the concept of a 15 meters protection band.

Regarding structures over the water, the municipality sets the following standards: each property is limited to one dock, one boat shelter and two boat lifts; there is a ban on metal drums or drums that contained chemicals; a maximum length of 12 meters is set for docks, or up to a sufficient length to reach a depth of one meter. The APLG supported the above measures.

The municipality also requires through this by-law that all docks, boat shelters and boat lifts be built from non-polluting materials.  The APLG had expressed its concerns about the arbitrariness and vagueness of this clause when it was introduced at the last Council's meeting.  One counsellor, a resident of Lac Gagnon, Mr. Gilles Payer, voted against the adoption of this clause.

The full text of the by-law is available by clicking on the following links:

Second version of the by-law 2011-07 re: docks - shoreline
Text of the Council's resolution  - Comparison table prepared by the APLG

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