Municipal Taxes: local elected officials must act

The Lac Simon Property-Owners’ Association (LSPA) is concerned about the significant increase in municipal taxes for lakeshore property-owners and the subsequent impacts on a segment of the population. Many residents have contacted us to voice their fears that these continued increases will force them to sell their properties.

The residents most affected by the increasing property tax burden are generally people who chose, many years ago, to acquire properties on Lac Simon: often, initially as a summer cottage and now as permanent residents. For many years these property-owners have supported local commerce, contributed to the collective wealth of the region thus slowing the economic decline of the surrounding villages. Their consumption of goods and services has enabled the maintenance and creation of jobs in various sectors such as construction, food, health, etc.

These citizens have chosen the region of La Petite Nation as a place to live and not just as a financial investment. “They are entitled to continue to live in the environment they have chosen and supported for many years” says Lise Villeneuve, President SPLA. “The local municipal officials cannot ignore these very real problems experienced by the taxpayers they represent.”

Also, published information on how the firm responsible for property evaluations, Servitech operates within the MRC Papineau, leaves us more confused. In addition, the increased revision request fee passed by the MRC’s Council of Mayors appears to be an attempt to squash dissent and is inappropriate in the circumstances.

The elected and local municipal officials must recognize that the increasing tax burden has become a societal problem and they must act, not be passively awaiting forced, external solutions. We therefore call upon the municipalities and the MRC Papineau to listen to their citizens’ concerns, to accept the reality of the problem, to take action to find equitable solutions and to make representations to the appropriate government officials. "For us, that is their duty and responsibility as elected representatives" said Lise Villeneuve.

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Lise Villeneuve, president of the LSPA

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